November Update

November 30, 2007 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Boys eating ThanksgivingTACCHINO FOR THE GOSPEL Who could have guessed that Thanksgiving would be such an opportunity to share the Gospel? Watching the Lord feed the 50 people in my apartment the Saturday after Thanksgiving I’m sure felt similar to how the disciples felt watching Jesus feed the 5,000. “Will we have enough Tacchino (Turkey)? Will the 10 pies make it? Will they go hungry?” But God provided JUST enough food, and, just as in Luke 9, the feeding of the masses was for the greater purpose of displaying his power, glory, and to preach the good news. Matt, my co-team leader, shared his personal story towards Christ and the Gospel. Danielo, a new believer of last week, translated. It was so neat to see so many students involved with Agape Italia in one place. Please pray as we continue to connect with these students. Pray that this outreach would provide momentum to continue to engage with students over Christ. . .

Read more by clicking the link below (and a pdf file will open!):
November Update


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