‘Story of the Soul’ for ‘A Beautiful Life’

February 7, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Girl full of Hope
Story of the Soul (SOTS) is an interactive outreach experience connecting students to a story needing to be shared – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SOTS is a conversational journey in a coffee house-like setting. The Gospel is shared after considering stories the soul of man has been telling for eons through: Film, Music, Classic Literature, Pop Culture, Poetry, Artwork, and History. SOTS is sweeping university campuses worldwide, and is being used in many different contexts, venues and ministries.

The Rome Stint team has adapted and Italian-ized the idea, to what they call “La Bella Vita.” The vision is to create a place where non-believers could come and freely talk about the Gospel in a modern way. . .” –Sarah Vierling, Insieme

Here in Rome we’ve been doing something called “Story of the Soul” every Thursday at 5pm for our weekly evangelistic meeting “La Bella Vita” {The Beautiful Life}. Read an article written by good my friend Sarah for our ministry newsletter, Insieme {Together} for shared learning between cities by clicking HERE.

You can pray for “La Bella Vita” every Thursday at 11am. (EST)

Find out more information about SOTS (and see their way-cool website at) by clicking the logo below:



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