European Student Conference 2008

February 24, 2008 at 1:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Bristol Group Shot Maybe it’s hard to picture: 7 Italian students from La Sapienza Universita’ on the tube through London headed to Bristol, England for the European Student Conference. If I were to describe it to you I’d recount lots of energy! (Contrasted with British Culture this was quite the experience!) Maria and IBut bringing these 7 students wasn’t just about the travel (although on the journey there it sometimes felt like ‘Lord, please let us just GET there!’ It was about exposure. Exposing students in our ministry to something more– something bigger than what God was doing just in Rome, just in Italy.

We joined almost 200 others for the weekend. We slept on church floors and spend our days meeting believers from around Europe and learning more about what it means to love God and serve him within our missional context. “The Hippie Conference” as one of my disciples called it, was a really new experience for all of the students. Almost everything was new: the music, the schedule, the food, Starbucks!

Alessandro, Me, and DanieleWe’re still realizing the effects this conference had on our students. During our Bible study on Tuesday night we talked about the things we learned at the conference. One student was LOVING it– afterwards she was brainstorming ways to reach students in Rome. Another was loving getting to know people from all over Europe and connecting over things that mattered. There were a couple students who left with lots to think about– even what it meant to essentially follow Jesus and want the whole world to know Him.

Thank you so much for praying and giving financially for these students to go to this conference in Bristol. We had so much fun! It was really great for building community and unity in vision for what we as Agape are trusting God to do in Rome. I’m excited to see the fruit that will be produced from this conference this semester!Chiara and Ana on the airplaneMiaDaniele & I on the tube


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