Reaching Rome & Malawi with Compassion

March 6, 2008 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

It was a “normal” Tuesday night Bible study, but instead of the 5 or so students that normally cimg6718.jpgattend to study Luca (Luke), we had 20 people gathered in our living room to listen to Haswell Beni, an Agape (CCC) staff member from Florence. Well, he lives in Florence, he’s really from Malwawi, a small country (with lots of heart!) in Africa. Haswell and his wife, Maria (who’s Roman) are heading up Italy’s summer project to Malawi– a project which marries passionate proclamation of the Gospel and Good Deeds. From July 4-26, a group of Italians (and Americans!) will travel to Malawi to build a school (currently the students are under a thatch roof and writing on the groud) dig a well, and help with a variety of other needs. At night and throughout the day participants will have the opportunity to share the message of Jesus throughout the surrounding area, and at night to partner with the Jesus film in surrounding villages. They are working with a local church in the area.
Haswell‘But how does this reach Rome?’ you ask. (Well, even if you didn’t. . .) the trip is open to believers and non-believers alike. The only requirement is that students & post-graduates would not be opposed to the Gospel being shared. Non-believers can choose to participate in sharing the Gospel or not. What a neat opportunity to non-believing Italians to spend 3 weeks with believers! In the States, similar trips have happened with reconstruction trips after Hurricane Katrina. God really used these trips to open the hearts of the non-believing volunteers, as well as the people they were helping!Please keep this trip in your prayers. I myself am unable to go (I’ll be returning to the States 7 July), but please pray that we would see Romans go!

Read more about the trip’s details on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Malawi Dinner

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