Spring Break: Week UNO {1}

March 11, 2008 at 10:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Ol’ Miss Spring Break

FIFTY AMERICAN STUDENTS from Mississippi and Ohio are in Rome this week on 5 faculties of La Sapienza and Roma Tre. It’s been a great start to our 3 weeks of Spring Break trips! Here are a few events you can pray for Rome (remember our over-arching prayer requests are a couple posts down on this blog!)

(^ photo) Students from Mississippi share the Gospel with Italian girls (on the bench) using a new tool called Soularium (a survey using a stack of photos where a student chooses cards that represent their own life and their views on God.)

Wednesday 12 March:
English Club at La Sapienza (Citta’)

Thursday 13 March:
‘La Bella Vita’ (our weekly meeting)- at a new location!
Texas BBQ Party Outreach!! (upwords of 50 students?)

Monday 17 March:
English Club at Villa Mira Fiori

Tuesday 18 March:
English Club at Roma Tre (?)

Wednesday 19 March:
English Club at La Sapienza (Citta’)
** Benefit Concert for Malawi** (pray for 400 people)

Thursday 20 March:
La Bella Vita– at our new location!

Thanks so much for praying for us!

Mia and I at her graduationMiriam Graduated!

It was a privilege to attend Mia’s (one of my Christian students) graduation. At 10:30 in the morning I went to the Political Science faculty and sat in a room for 5 minutes when Miraim defended her thesis. A panel of professors asked her questions. Afterwards we waited in the hallway until they rang a bell. Mia and her family (and me!) entered the room again where she got word that she had graduated!


Without cap or gown, the Italian graduation is very different. Many students receive a crown of laurel!

You can pray for Mia as she finds a job in Italy, (which is very difficult) and as she continues to have a heart for her city. I’m challenging her to team up with one of our post-graduate CCC couples to bring a Passion worship band to Rome! Pray for us as we try to connect Mia with my friend Kelly!


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  1. randyflynn said,

    Let’s pray everything goes well then. It certainly must be very hard for you to have all these things under control, and I think you’re doing well :). Keep up with the good work 🙂


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