Tanti Aguri! (and pancakes.)

April 15, 2008 at 10:42 am (Uncategorized)

Celebrating my birthday with my Italian Bible study!APRIL FUN
April 9th came and went and I celebrated my birthday in Rome! (For the second year.) The picture to the left is me at our Italian bible study eating the cake and ice cream they bought me after singing a round of “Tanti Aguri a Te!” (Happy Birthday to You!) It was really fun to celebrate my birthday with some of my sweet Italian friends, as well as get messages, emails, and phone calls from my family and friends back home! Thank you to all of you that encouraged me on my birthday!

I also got to go to England to visit my boyfriend, Andy, to celebrate! The entire trip was a big gift– even the plane ticket was bought for me from my family! It was great fun and such a relaxing break of seeing Andy, speaking and worshiping in English, and doing things like driving in a car, seeing open green space, and not eating pasta for 3 days! (But to clarify, seeing Andy was the highlight- ha.)

PANCAKES! The day after my birthday we threw (another) massive party at our apartment to continue to have touchpoints with the new students we met during the month of March. The picture on the right are just a few of about 50 students who came to enjoy a traditional American Breakfast of pancakes & syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage, and American coffee. It might not seem novel to you, but to the Italian students who came, it was quite the strange combination of food! Please continue to pray for the students that were met in the month of March. Pray that we could meet with them during the week, get to know them, and engage over the Gospel.


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