Postcards from Summer

September 17, 2008 at 6:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Goodbyes are hard for me. So you can only imagine what a Tuesday night with 12 student goodbyes would feel like as I left Italy this summer. It was my Discipleship Dinner, a dinner for the Italian women (believers and unbelievers) with whom I had spent the most significant times over the past 2 years. There were so many sweet faces of women I had spent hours with– talking about God, laughing, reading the Word. Even though I know the Lord is calling me back to this place, that Tuesday night was such a wonderful gift from the Lord. It really was a picture of what He’s been doing through me specifically in the city of Rome. The women took turns sharing with me farewell words. All of them talked about how our relationship revolved around Jesus and how much that meant to them. As a goodbye present, I gave each girl a framed photo of us and a card encouraging them in their pursuit of Jesus. (The cards literally took me 4 hours to write 18 cards in Italian!!) The night ended with Mia, a recently graduated Political science student, saying, “Lauren, you often talk about hope for Rome. You paint a bright future for us for what Jesus could do. This is my city, but truly, this is your city too.” (Translated)


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