About Me


My name is Lauren and I live in Rome. (Still not enough?) Ok, I first arrived here in the fall of 2004 where I studied at The American University of Rome for 4 months. I later came back in the fall of 2006 and have been here for the majority of the time since working with AGAPE ITALIA (Campus Crusade for Christ in Italy). But if you’re wondering who I am outside of Rome, here are a few background details.

I’ve grew up all over: Missouri, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. But Saline, Michigan is my real home. (That and Oxford, Ohio.) I have 2 parents and 2 sisters. (And I love them all.) I went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where I studied Speech Communications (with a focus on Public Relations) and a minor in Marketing. I loved Miami, learned a lot in my classes, met amazing people, and miss it dreadfully. I’d consider giving my left arm to go back. (But that might be a little extreme.)

I love lots of things. One of those things is coffee. (I love coffee.) But I also love people, culture, traveling, having fun, the beach, fashion, and creativity. I work with Agape here in Italy because I can’t seem to get Italy out of my system. I love Italians, the language, the culture, and most of all Jesus, who I want to see glorified in Rome.


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